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.....and retaining some of them.

Copied from here Stefan Klein "Alles Zufall" Die Kraft, die unser Leben bestimmt What i learned from the book If you don't know how to make something or if you don't know in which direction you should go then try "the way of the small steps". Every step should give you a feedback. Maybe the step was an error. This is okay. The error is an information a hint. But the error should be not to big and should not give you a harm. If your life is a multidimensional maze or a labyrinth then you don't know the right way. But every error gives you an information. Try to use this information. For example: You finished school and you want to study something but you don't know what. Find totally different paid traineeships and do this jobs a short period (maybe some weeks) and then go to another. Listen some courses and lectures at least online.